"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, ​
and we are never the same..." 

Anh Nguyen & Doug Rozman met in NYC in 2011, they got married in 2015.

They moved to Candlewood Lake in Connecticut in 2017.

Below are some highlights of their lives together that reflect a beautiful

harmony between eastern and western cultures:

Vietnam National News Network  Celebrates Lunar New Year

Wedding  with  Anh’s  Family  in  Hanoi,  Vietnam

September  12,  2015

Traditional  Engagement  with  parents  in  Hanoi,  Vietnam

Civil  Ceremony  at  City  Clerk’s  Office  in  NYC

March  13,  2015

Our  Engagement  in  Savannah,  Georgia

How  We  Met ...

Anh and Doug went on their first date in March of 2011

at the W Hotel Downtown “Living Room”. 


On their second date at the Guggenheim Museum while having a coffee,

Doug told her how much he loved traveling to Southeast Asia.

He showed her some of his photos on Facebook from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Anh suddenly recognized something familiar:

In the upper left corner of this photo,

there was her Mom playing cello at a concert

where Doug randomly bought a ticket!


What a coincidence to capture her in this photo!

Our Families

Anh’s paternal grandmother descended from a legendary Mandarin family “Le Lai”, known for a famous general who, in 1418, sacrificed himself to save the Emperor “Le Loi”.


Anh's grandmother was arranged to be engaged when she was 8 years old, got married at 18, and loved each other for 60 years of marriage, until their last breath.


Anh’s father is a traditional lacquer painter in Hanoi. He gave her artist’s eyes and taught her how to see the world through the lens of an artist.


Anh’s mother is a classical cellist for the Vietnam Opera Symphony and gave her musician’s ears.


Anh carried these perspectives forward in her piano conservatory training in Paris and now her professional career in New York.

Doug comes from families with strong traditions and deep patriotism. With Irish Catholic and Polish roots and a history of military service, Doug was exposed to diverse cultural traditions. He grew up as an Army brat relocating eight times before settling down in the New York metro area.


His paternal grandfather retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and went on to become a successful entrepreneur.


His maternal grandmother was a great inspiration and influence to him. As a widowed mother of four, she had an unrivaled survival instinct, deep optimism rooted in her Catholic faith and was a beacon of family values.


Doug’s father was a West Point graduated career Army officer who became one of the most published military strategists of his time. Also retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, his knack for strategy, structure and advance planning were influential in Doug’s development.


Doug's mother began as a model, then a nurse and ultimately entered healthcare administration leading to an illustrious career as the CEO of the Virginia Health Quality Center and now CEO of the Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence. Her creativity, leadership skills and ambition instilled a passion for excellence in the family.